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Tags in WordPress – Tips and Tricks

What are Tags? How is it different from Category? Tag, in general, is used for […]


WordPress Hosting

As methodical and challenging the phrase ‘Choosing a WordPress Host’ sounds, it is very important […]


Add Media for Contributor Role in WordPress CMS

I have multiple people adding content to this website, everyone is assigned to a contributor […]


jQuery Mask Plugin for Masking Form Inputs

jQuery Mask Plugin is a lightweight plugin, which is very easy to add and implement. Format input date, number, string, code etc. easily. input masking for easy data manipulation and formatting.


Remove WordPress Version Number from Header and RSS Feed

WordPress adds a meta tag to the head section of the website by default. This […]


Remove WordPress Version Number from JS and CSS files

Only removing WordPress version number from the header, discussed here, is not enough. There might be […]


Add Default Column Value to Tables in Laravel

Quick tip on how to add default values to the table fields in laravel.


Convert Text Cases using jQuery, without CSS

How to convert text value of an element, referred to as “selector” here, to lowercase, uppercase, title case and pascal case using jquery.