Python for Beginners: Conclusion and Resources

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Additional Resources in Python

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the beginner’s course on Python. You should now be comfortable enough to write intermediate level programs in it. However, I would suggest a few benefits from this course.

Note that these suggestions are from the amount of knowledge I have. There might be a lot more options to explore. You should proceed according to your interests.

We will focus on a few important aspects only. I hope you can use it in a better way after reading this.

Why you should continue Python?

Usually, after learning a language, I find most students moving into another programming language. This is usually because one prefers to showcase their technical skills. Mostly they would prefer saying that they know 20+ languages. My advice: Stick to one language and excel in it.

This can be of immense benefit. And basically in python, the future benefits can be as:

  1. Python is easily readable and maintainable across a wide chain of developers. It is so because it has kicked one step higher to the programming paradigm. The code which is written resembles plain English and can be understood even by beginner programmers. It also helps to update the code easily from time to time and invest less effort in doing so.
  2. Python supports both function-oriented and structure-oriented programming.
  3. It has features of dynamic memory management which can make use of computational resources efficiently.
  4. It is also compatible with all popular operating systems and platforms. Hence this language can be universally accepted by all programmers.
  5. Python supports a large built-in library from which we can extract any feature to implement in the form of packages. Thus it enables us to implement a feature without writing excess code.

Job Opportunities in Python

Programming language can be a key in your hand for your perfect dream job in the software industry. In today’s market, Python has been declared as the most used and most demanding programming language of all. As the language is getting dominant in all major fields: Ranging from software development to machine learning and data analytics, Python has been declared as the language of the year 2018. Hence It currently occupies 37 percent of Programming language market.

Few Job opportunities in python include:

  • Python Developer (Web-based or App-based)
  • Product Manager (In Building a Software framework)
  • Data Analyst.
  • Data Journalist.
  • Educator at popular MOOC sites.

Due to the heavy demand for this language, there is a lot of job opportunities open even for students and fresh graduates. Students can get a job as an intern with a decent salary during the study period and can widen their programming base by just learning python. Few popular sites like HackerRank and HackerEarth actively post coding competitions which use Python as their primary language.

Overall, it is completely on your part how much you can learn. Being a vast language, it can sometimes be confusing on many parts but overall it is a huge fun learning this language.

Apart from these, if you want to learn the advanced features, I would suggest you follow this link and study the advanced features. These are all the popular sites which official recommends to improve your Python coding skills.

You can also learn how to use different IDEs and make use of other OS environments to code in this language.

Happy coding!