#4.8 Flutter SQFLITE Complete NoteKeeper App

Course: Flutter Tutorial for Beginners with Dart

Flutter Mobile Development

Flutter SQFLITE Complete NoteKeeper App. Call for Insert, update, fetch and Delete functions from UI and perform CRUD Operation in your NoteKeeper application.

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  1. 17.29 The push and pop, around navigateToDetail and the handing back of the defined boolean result… could all use a nice diagram showing it handed back asynchronously between components.

    Yes, this would be a break from the code/execution only video section but I think a fair number of people will be lost on how that all occurs. I think I know… but I played a bit with breakpoints to get a better feel for it. A nice diagram would drive the understanding home.

    Otherwise you have a GREAT voice, pace and selection of content. Yes, there are a few odd pronunciations to a westerner’s ear but more that just leaves me smiling for a moment and not confused in the slightest.

    Yes, I did your Dart course and your Flutter course to. Both were very well done. Thanks.

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