Node JS Getting Started



There are 4 sections in this course.

In Section 1, explore the basics of Node js:
– Create first Node app with local server setup
– Send HTTP Request and Response
– What is the request listener function?

In Section 2, explore modern javascript:
– ECMAScript vs. Traditional ES5, Role of TC39 and ES5 vs. ES6, and var vs. let vs. const
– Nested Blocks, Function Scopes, Arrow functions and ‘this’ usage, Object literals, Destructuring, REST/SPREAD operator, dot operator, String interpolation, class in node, and much more.
– Asynchronous Programming: promise, async, await, and .then() function.

In Section 3, explore modules in Node:
– HTTP module
– ‘fs’ module to create a file, read, update, delete, and rename a file.
– URL module using URL + fs + HTTP.

In Section 4, explore intermediate Node concepts:
– Node Timer API: start, cancel, setTimeout, setInterval, setImmediate, clearTimeout, clearInterval, and clearImmediate functions.
– Node.js Event Loop
– Event emitters: require(‘events’)
– ‘nodemon’ npm package
– Send email using Node with GMAIL

Node JS Course links:
– Node official website:
– Install Node on Windows:
– Install Node on Mac:
– Install Node on Linux:
– Gmail Permission:…